2021/22 Faculty

Kathy Kay - Director

Kathy is the Owner & Director of Dance Ahead. As a dance parent for over 20 years, Kathy brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the studio. She also provides a valuable parent perspective. Kathy works in consultation with Amanda and Allyson in operating all aspects of the studio. 

Amanda Kay - Director/Teacher/Choreographer

Amanda has been passionately involved in the dance industry for over 15 years. She has trained extensively in a variety of dance disciplines and has travelled across Ontario to compete, where she has been awarded many accolades for her artistry and technical capabilities including many special awards, overall awards, judge’s choice awards, top discipline marks, and the Highest Overall Mark of the Competition at both Regional and National events. In 2013, Amanda was crowned the National Title of Miss Shine Dance. Amanda has worked with numerous dance professionals, including TOKYO, Victor Smalley, Angel Armas, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Stephanie Rutherford, and Eryn Waltman to name a few. She has performed in various dance shows and performances, including performing as a company dancer with the Youth in Motion Dance Project. Amanda has found great success as a dance teacher and choreographer, with her students and choreography receiving many awards and recognitions. She has been commended for her age appropriate and smart choreography choices for dancers of all ages and abilities, as well as her creative concepts. Amanda is an Acrobatic Arts certified instructor, under the direction and training of Meaghan Wegg (former Cirque Du Soliel performer) and Tim Buckley (renowned physiotherapist). In her role as studio director, Amanda is an avid supporter of her community and has been an active participant and choreographer for many community and charity events. She has a strong belief in instilling valuable life skills in her dancers and promotes the values of personal growth and leadership in her dance programming. Amanda holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Arts degree, and a Bachelor of Education degree from Western University. Outside of Dance Ahead, Amanda is an Ontario Certified Teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board. Amanda is a passionate dance educator and she is extremely proud of the studio she has created and dancers she has worked with over the years.

Allyson Kay - Director/Teacher/Choreographer

Allyson is a passionate dancer and dance teacher who has been training for 18 years in many dance disciplines. Allyson has received numerous overalls for her solos, duet/trios, and groups. In addition to these awards, she has also received top discipline awards for her lyrical, contemporary and open solos. Allyson has also been very fortunate to be awarded numerous special awards, such as “Pure Artistry”, “True Inspiration”, “Dynamic Performer” , “Dancing with Details”, and “Love for Dance” to name a few. Allyson has also worked with many dance professionals including Angel Armas, Victor Smalley, Joshua Allen and Jordan Clark. Allyson was also named “Most Potential Dancer of 2013” and “Most Potential Dancer of 2014” at Bedazzled Dance Champions. In 2016 and 2017, Allyson was a competitor in Move With The Beat’s “Dance, Camera, Action Challenge” which was awarded to highest scoring solo entry from each studio, and they competed for a second time for the chance to be the “Face of Move With The Beat”. In 2016, Allyson was honoured to be named the “Local Inspiration of 2016” from Move With the Beat which was awarded by public vote to a dancer who has the ability to shine from within, and show their passion and love for dance. During the 2018 dance season, Allyson was awarded the Shining Solo award at Move With the Beat, which is awarded to the highest scoring solo routine of the competition. Also has also won highest scoring routine at many other competitions for her solo performances. Allyson is currently continuing her dance training, and sharing her love for dance through teaching her students. As a dance teacher, Allyson has received various special awards for her choreographic choices. She has been commended for her creativity in choreography. Allyson is also an Acrobatic Arts certified instructor, under the training and direction of Meaghan Wegg and Tim Buckley. Allyson is also certified in Standard First Aid with CPR Level C & BLS/HCP Provider CPR + AED. Outside of the studio, Allyson is currently attending Western University, completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BScN). Allyson is very passionate about dance and wishes to continue to help her students’ progress as dancers and as an individuals for many years to come. 

Jordan England - Teacher

Jordan has been a competitive dancer for many years, training in various dance disciplines such as jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, acro, and musical theatre. Jordan has received various overall and special awards for her competitive routines, including being awarded Most Potential Dancer at Breakthru Dance Challenge, and at This is It Dance Competition. Jordan has also worked with various dance professionals including Jordan Clark, Jennifer Pappas, and Emily Spearing. Jordan has worked as a dance teacher and assistant dance teacher at Dance Ahead for several years now, working with dancers of various ages and levels. Jordan is continuing to train as a dancer at Dance Ahead and is thrilled to continue to teach as well. 

Rachel Andrew - Teacher

Rachel began dancing at the age of 3 as a recreational dancer and began competitive dance at the age of 10. Rachel has been trained in many dance disciplines, including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, acro, and musical theatre. Rachel has received various overall and special awards for her groups, duet/trios, and solos. Rachel has also participated in various workshops with instructors such as Jordan Clark (winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and star of The Next Step) and Jennifer Pappas (Star of The Next Step). As a dance teacher, Rachel has taught many classes of different styles, teaching dancers ages 2.5-12. Rachel is continuing to train as a dancer at Dance Ahead and is looking forward to continuing to work with the dancers at Dance Ahead. 

Ayden McRae - Substitute Teacher

Ayden began to develop her passion for dance at the age of 5, but did not start taking dance lessons until the age of 11. After participating in her first recreational acro class, she knew that her love for dance was quickly growing. Ayden has now been training for 12 years in many disciplines including acro, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, and hip hop both competitively and recreationally. Ayden has received many overalls for her dances she has competed in, as well as many special awards. Ayden is excited to teach and inspire her young students this upcoming season. Ayden holds a diploma in Interior Decorating from Fanshawe College and is hoping to pursue a career in Real Estate in the future. Ayden also currently serves as a nanny. Ayden is thrilled to be a part of the Dance Ahead faculty so she can share her passion and skills with her students.

Anna Rose Sutherland - Assistant Teacher

Anna Rose is a committed and dedicated member of the Dance Ahead community. She has been dancing with Dance Ahead for several years training in many styles including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, acro, and hip hop. Anna Rose is recognized for her passion for dance, specifically, her expressive emotion while dancing. Anna Rose is very excited to share her love for dance with her students. 

Emily Spearing - Outside Teacher/Choreographer

Starting dance at the age of 13, Emily puts passion and determination into every step. She continues to inspire others encouraging them that it's never too late to start dancing. She has traveled throughout Ontario and the United States to compete and attend workshops and conventions. She was accepted as a finalist and performed in the Self-choreographed challenge at Fresh Dance Intensive for two years in a row. Emily has won numerous overall and special awards at competitions as well as winning Fever’s first solo heat competition in 2010. She was also recently featured in The Dance Current magazine’s online video blog, “The Dance Passport.” Emily’s biggest passion is choreographing, teaching and instilling a love of dance in her students. She illustrates to her students the importance of details, musicality, improvisation, quality of movement and expression. Currently, Emily is teaching and choreographing for multiple studios across Ontario and has found great success as a choreographer, winning many awards for her choreography. Emily is also the founder of the "Youth in Motion Dance Project", a professional contemporary dance company program for youth. A graduate of the Toronto Dance Theatre, Emily is currently pursuing a Masters of Choreography degree in Austria. She hopes for continued success in her teaching career and to inspire as many students as possible.