At Dance Ahead, we offer progression-based programming for dancers of all ages and abilities.  

We offer many styles of dance across our program levels, including Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Hip Hop, & Musical Theatre.

Program Stream 1) Recreational


Our recreational program is geared towards our youngest dancers, offering them a fun and engaging introduction to dance. In these classes, our young dancers begin to develop the foundational dance skills necessary to progress in dance, all while having fun and participating in various play-based learning activities. Our recreational season runs from September to March, at which point our recreational dancers perform in our Spring Showcase. Open houses and various other events are planned throughout the season for parents to enjoy their dancer’s talents. 

Program Stream 2) Budding Performers


Our Budding Performers program is the next step in our progression-based program curriculum. This program is offered to dancers of all ages, and is geared towards dancers who have some dance experience, or who hope to gain more experience in dance at a lower commitment level. This program blends our recreational and competitive streams into one unique and innovative program. Our Budding Performers train in the core dance disciplines of Jazz & Ballet, developing the fundamental skills of dance. The Budding Performers dancers participate in a weekly technique class, in which they practice their dance skills, as well as a weekly choreography class in which they learn a dance routine in the style of Jazz/Hip Hop. This dance routine is rehearsed all season and is performed by our dancers in our Spring Showcase. After the Spring Showcase, our Budding Performers dancers are given the exciting opportunity to perform their dance routine in one local dance competition, held in the Spring. The Budding Performers program is offered to dancers ages 5+, and is there are various style add-ons available for dancers in this program stream to enjoy as well, such as Acro and Lyrical, enhancing their dance training. 

Program Stream 3) Competitive


Our Competitive stream is the highest level of training offered to our students. Dancers in our competitive program train all season to learn a specific dance or dances. Each week they must train in ballet and technique classes, trying to constantly improve their technical abilities. In addition to these classes, they also must attend separate choreography classes that focus on learning and perfecting a specific dance routine that has been designed by their teacher. Our competitive program is unique in that we strive to limit the total number of days per week that a dancer is required to be at the studio. We do this to ensure that all dancers are able to pursue other interests, as well as maintain a good academic foundation outside of the studio.


Our talented team of dancers has been recognized throughout the dance world for their solid technique and unique artistic qualities. Our dancers have been honoured at various competitions for attaining the Highest Overall Mark, in addition to our choreographers being awarded for their outstanding choreography.


Our Competitive season begins in July and ends in May. We run technique classes throughout the months of July and August to ensure that the dancer's technique is being kept up, as well as hold summer choreography for our solos/duets/trios. Group choreography and technique classes begin in September. 

Please contact us for more information on any of our program streams.

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